Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Manic Mobile
Remember, no phone service is iron clad. VoIP can often get a bad rap for its quality - sometimes justified, many times not - but lets not forget how unreliable good old cell service can be. Why does t-Mobile always drop calls at the same precise spot on the downtown connector in Hotlanta and why do 1 in 5 calls find me pressing redial because i get that annoying 'call ended' beep beep? So here you go Sprint - put a nice big bill board message on the Atlanta downtown connector, right by that nice big Olympic torch, proclaiming "Dear T-mobile customer, I bet you've just lost your call, come join Sprint and talk clearly from this very spot”. Go make yourself be heard. Here's a good Google mash up where you can make your good-signal bad-signal posts - Phil Hill