Wednesday, September 19, 2007

IT Expo in LA - Hosted VoIP is still new

I gave a seminar at the ITExpo in LA last week and it shed some interesting light on the VoIP scene and what's happening with it in the business space. The main thrust behind the seminar (titled "How to sell hosted VoIP to the micro enterprise") was to get the reseller market - and the industry come to that - to look at the small business market in a more intelligent way. In terms of strategies it's important to cut and dice the market and break it down it smaller chunks. Our focus at Vocalocity ( is on the Micro Enterprise - offices of less than 20 people - and it's clear that these businesses have different personality traits and behaviors than businesses of above 20 people. Hosted deployments are a very efficient way to service this market because they deliver the best ROI and fit best from the perspective of ongoing management (this especially applies to VoIP). There is definitely a rising under swell of activity in the SMB market for VoIP and it was very encouraging to have the seminar and exhibition floor so well attended (compared to our attendance of the show last year, there's definitely been a change). It is encouraging the way the channel seems to be eager to learn and is hungry to know how to develop the SMB landscape. Feedback was good and it seems that the Micro Enterprise approach hit a chord - Phil Hill

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